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Inside look: How Ben Shred 25kg’s

By February 21, 2016 Marcus' Mind No Comments

This is Ben

>>> An inside look at how Ben lost 25kg’s 

Ben was always overweight

& didn’t feel great about himself

He decided he didn’t want to be that way anymore

He realised he needed some help

So decided to hire a coach

He knew an astonishingly good looking & funny coach called Marcus

So he asked him for help

In 5 months Ben lost 25kg’s

& in his own words “Completely turned his Body image” 

During that time he’s been smashing PB’s

& at times has actually struggled to eat the amount of food Marcus asked

Here’s how the first stage of Ben’s Nutrition was layed out

LINK >>> An inside look at how Ben lost 25kg’s 

Ben’s now set new goals

& is well on the way to achieving them

he now feels fucking amazing about himself

Well done Ben

Be Like Ben…

Marcus ‘Astonishingly Good looking’ Duharty


You can actually be like Ben by hitting the link below & getting in touch with me


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