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I’m Sorry I Fucked Up

I’m a bit annoyed actually 

I was probably nearing 100 on the trot 

Then yesterday I forgot to do the 1 thing I was supposed to do 

Send you an email ! 

Thats right for the first time in around 100 days I didn’t get it done 

I just said I forgot which to be honest is BS 

It’s BS because at least 10 times during the day I thought 

“You still need to get that email done”

& about 10 times I put it off saying to myself 

“don’t worry I’ll get it done later” 

Which clearly I didnt do 

I know you do similar 

Maybe it’s a gym session or a decent food shop 

You know you should get it done but you put it off

Then suddenly bang the days gone by & you haven’t got it done 

& sometimes those days turn in to weeks or months & you still haven’t 

got it done 

Well I’m not gonna let that happen to me hence the email today 

Cos you know what the best thing to do when you let something slip is 

Get straight back to it 

Like immediately

No fucking around

No moping about sulking or wallowing in the fact you fucked your nutrition 

up last night 

& no waiting days or weeks to get yourself going again 

Like think about it what are you waiting for?


Why’s Monday so special?

It’s very likely a Sunday morning now & you’ve very likely got 10 hours of ‘free’

time on your hands 

A run might take 20 mins 

A decent shop for next week 1 hour 

& it’ll take 5 minutes to pack your bag ready for tomorrows gym session 

Whatever it is you’re putting off START NOW 

I learned my lesson putting yesterdays email off 

Someone could of been waiting for a golden bit of info or the bit of motivation they 

needed yesterday & I didnt get it to them 

Won’t happen again 

& if you’re ready to START NOW & really build the body you want 

Get in touch with me ASAP 

& if you fancy a look round a bit of the members section of my site you’ll get access to 

Check out this video


Marcus ‘I’m Back’ Duharty

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