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I’m Putting My Balls On The Line

You can grab them & squeeze them if you want 

My balls are all yours

Because I’m taking ALL the risk with helping you shift fat 

See if you come in to Build&Blast90 >>> http://marcusduharty.com/buildblast90

Follow the steps laid out 

& don’t shift fat & get a result 

You get ALL your money back 

Meaning I’ve just coached you for free

& there is ZERO RISK for you when joining the programme 

You’re probably wondering how or why I’m doing this 

Well when results are guaranteed & the system works why wouldn’t I? 

The real question you should be asking is…

Why aren’t other coaches or personal trainers doing the same? 

I’ll leave you with that 

But just to remind you 

Join Build&Blast90, follow the steps & don’t shift fat & get a result 

You get your money back 

Doors close soon though my man 



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