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I’m pissed off with this…

What are we supposed to do when it happens? 

At 31 I seriously need answers to this question 

Hangovers last 2 days rather than a few hours

My back & knees ache more than ever

My hair is basically running away from my face 

My 20 something year old mates keep calling me grandad with the old man emoji

Caffeine is now what a tequila pre night livener shot used to be 

The average age of my tinder matches has dramatically increased 

I’ve got these lines & creases popping up on my face 

All my fit & sporty mates from school have man boobs & kids

& I’m hearing stories of once a month bedroom action


& I’m pissed off about it 

Someone tell me what am I supposed to do ??

Actually F it… 

Let me stick my balls back on & tell you what I’m going to do about it 

First I’m going to slap some sense into my self 

Secondly I’m going to give age the middle finger & build the best 30+ year old man I can 

Eat meat like I’m a god damn lion ruling the sahara 

Drink water like a fish 

Hit 4 x 30-60min strength sessions a week

& do the best I can to look & feel like my personal version of a Greek God 

Friends or family in my circle can either admire me or join me 

Future partners wont be able to keep their hands off me 

When I have kids I’ll lead my pack with power & pride 

Eventually raising future kings & queens that I can pass my mini empire down to 

Thats what I’m going to do about it 

No doubt there will be some 2 day hangovers along the way

& my hair will carry on running away from my face 

Thats just the reality of the ageing man 

But I’ll be damned if I give in & let it turn me into half the man I should be

It’s an honour to support a number of guys inside Build&Blast90 looking do something similar 

Even the young bucks of the group getting it done

Come & join us if you’re ready 

We’re down to 5 spaces left & there’s less then 3 days to join 

Here’s where you head to apply 


Unless of course you’re happy with age taking your balls & tucking them neatly away in its pocket?



Here’s that link again 

Fill it out & lets have a quick chat & see if the group would work for you 


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