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“Im Not Surprised MotherFuckers”

Wow… Nate Fucking Diaz

Now I’ll always be a McGregor fan boy 

But that was seriously epic

Man goes from chilling in Cabo 2 weeks ago 

Taking a beating for the first round 

To coming back & choking out the new face of the UFC 

You know what hit me about the whole thing though

It was his post fight interview where he said… 

“I’m not surprised mother fucker”

& that for me is exactly it 

Cos it may have been a surprise for everyone else 

But he know’s what he’s already been through

All the training 

Blood sweat & tears 

Hours developing his skills

Years practising his art

1000’s of fights

Wins & defeats 

Which all means that when he steps in the cage

No matter who he’s fighting 

It’s no surprise when he wins a fight

& the great thing is that’s what happens in all aspects of life 

When you do the damn work 

It’s no surprise when you get the result 

Just like when you adjust your nutrition & nail your training 

It’s no surprise to you when you’ve dropped fat & built muscle 

& look & feel the best you ever have

But it may be a surprise to other people 

Cos they haven’t seen the work you’ve done

Family & friends may be shocked 

Chicks or your partner will start finding you more attractive  

& you’ll just be there lapping it all up like Nate Diaz is right now 

That’s just the way it is 

It’s gotta start with some consistent work though

& if that’s something you’ve struggled with before 

I’m ready to help you build the body you want 

I’m ready to help you feel invincible 

& I’m ready to have you shocking people just like Nate Diaz 

Check put this video of exactly how my Online Personal Training works 


& then get at me when you’re ready

Marcus ‘No Surprises’ Duharty

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