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I’m actually embarrassed by this

It’s all fun & games until your ass gets so fat you split your trousers

Happened to me Saturday man

2 weeks before that I tried to wear a pair I’d bought in December

& they were so tight they looked sprayed on

I literally couldn’t move

No idea how Kim K or J Lo live their lives but not being able to fit
in my clothes isn’t my idea of fun

Have you ever had that?

Something you bought a few months back that no longer fits?

Weird feeling isn’t it

Was a bit embarrassing if I’m honest when my mate walked in & started

His words were “no way you can’t wear them”

& ever since he’s called me Kim K

He’s even had a little pop at my slowly disappearing abs as well

Now don’t get me wrong I still have abs but you know when the bottom 2 start
to fade a bit…

Him jabbing me with thats’s pissed me off as well

& even though I’m packing on serious muscle daily

A fat ass is something I definitely don’t want

My ass was big enough already trust me

The good thing is the ‘experiment’ I was pushing on with has worked

I have more muscle than ever

Personal Bests for every upper body lift apart from pull-ups

& I still have abs (I’m just not shredded)

I followed the exact same plan I set out in #TeamHUD’s nutrition video series

It helped Marcus (not me!) put on 6.5kg in a few months & I’m up 4.5kg in
9 weeks

Now I have exactly the info I need to adjust things ever so slightly so I:-

– Keep building muscle

– Drop some fat off

– & lose the ass fat I’m gaining 

Cos I’m gonna be honest not fitting in my clothes properly

Noticing ‘negative’ changes in the mirror

Having my mate take the piss out my ass

& ‘Snapchatting’ it 24/7 saying ‘Dammmmn Marcus’

Is a bit of a ballbreaker

The good thing for you is if you’re skinny & struggling to put size on

guarantee I can help you build solid MUSCLE on your body over a
2-3 month period

But if you’re like me & not happy with the ‘excess baggage’ you’re carrying

Are you going to do something about it or leave it until even your gf/wife
is making comments as well?

Marcus ‘AfroAss’ Duharty

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