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I’m a loner & so are you

So I’ve spent the last 2 nights on my own in bali

My friend Joe flew back to England & I decided to stay a few more nights

Bali is an unreal place & Canggu is a must visit if you come here

Anyway I like doing a bit of travelling on my own

You get to meet people you wouldn’t have before & it gets you out your comfort zone for sure

Plus in reality we are going through this journey in life alone 

& even though you may get supported by friends & family along the way it all comes down to us as an individual to get it done 

& never forget people close to you are more likely to lie to you than tell you the truth

See a lie is much easier 

We all know we’ve told a white lie to a partner or chick we’ve been seeing just to avoid confrontation or an argument 

& often times it’s just so they don’t feel bad

Their hair may look absolutely ridiculous but you’re not going to tell them that & ruin their night (& yours on the process) 

& it’s the same with your training & nutrition

For sure people will tell you how good you’re looking 

Or what progress you’re making 

Or even the classic one from your partner who tells you you’re already perfect when you know yourself you look & feel like shit 

People lie

99% of the time you’re in this journey alone 

Which makes it amazing when Build&Blast90 member Stuart said this 

“I’m really enjoying the groups comments and posts

It keeps me motivated knowing we’re all focused & working on the same thing.”

See even though the guys 100% need to get it done themselves 

They not only have me & Cameron to support them

They have the other guys in the group posting daily with their food, training experiences & progress

Getting it done on your own is the reality of life

But working through it alongside others is a damn sure way to almost guarantee success

Which is why bumping into an English chick I knew the other night pushed my night from good to great

That night definitely started well & ended better if you know what I mean

The questions for you are…

How has your 2017 lonely journey to shift some fat & feel better about yourself started? 

& is struggling on your own really the best idea for you to actually succeed through all the effort? 



Click the image below for the exact plan these guys used to change the way they look & feel

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