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If Your Genetics Suck Here’s What To Do

“You can be anything you want” 

I bet you were you told this in school

What what a load of BS

Lets be real about it 

If I wanted to be a body double for David Beckham I’d


Ok extreme example but you get the idea

Now I’m like just under 5ft 10 so as a striker you would

think I would be pretty crap in the air 

Competing against 6ft plus centre backs I’d have no

chance right


For my height I was decent

Infact for my height I’d score waaay more headers than

you’d expect 

How… I had a plan 

Firstly from goalkicks I’d stay as far away from where I

thought the keeper would kick it as I could

But close enough so I could run there & get there just as the

ball arrived

Now dumb centre halves would always stand exactly where

they thought the ball would land 

So I’d be challenging them in the air from a sprint when they

were jumping from being still 

They also couldn’t feel or see where I was 

& I always jumped as early as possible so I’d be higher than

them if we made contact 

I also led with my arm EVERY TIME which you can imagine

helped for various reasons 

From corner kicks I’d stand at the back post away from all the

big lads

& next to the little guy who’s job was to just stand there

As the corner taker started his run up I’d head towards the opposite

corner of the 6 yard box

Usually with no one following me or they’d get caught up in the bodies

& I’d meet the ball on my own ready to head it in 

If someone did mark me I had a plan as well

Just before the taker started his run I’d push my marker as hard as I could

away & make my move 

9 times out of 10 the ref wouldn’t notice 

Basically there was no way I was gonna let height or lack of it be a limiting 

factor in my game 

& I got round this with a plan 

When you’re training genetics 100% plays a part 

But get this right 

I honestly don’t feel they’re a limiting factor 

Yes there are body types good at building muscle & dropping fat and ones that 


All that means is it’s slightly harder… It doesn’t mean its impossible 

Where you land on that spectrum you cant do anything about 

What you can do something about is your attitude to it 

Yeah you’re skinny but that doesn’t mean you have to stay that way 

Or everyone in your family is overweight but you don’t have to copy


Take the shackles off of your mind & you’ll never know what you can achieve

& once you’ve done that all you need then is a plan 

Something you can stick to 

Trial to see if it works 

Change it if it doesn’t 

& continue this process until you nail it 

By all means crack on with this process on your own 

& if you have any questions around building muscle as a hard gainer

Or dropping fat when you’re naturally stocky 

Fire away my man 

Marcus ‘Hang Time’ Duharty 


The programmes I run offer both mindset support 

& plans to follow 

To enquire about costs & details fill in this short form 


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