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I was WRONG about all these things!

I cringe at some of these things now

* I used to think the only way to shift fat was to ‘clean eat’ 

* That it was all about ‘The Grind’ & sleep & rest was for ‘pussies’

* That I’d be a professional footballer scoring goals on TV  

* That EVERYBODY needed to squat & deadlift 

* That you could eat as many nuts as you want as they are ‘good fats’ 

* That I would be able to drink & party like I was 21 forever

* That fat made you fat 

* That I wanted to be a Strength & Conditioning Coach to Olympic champions 

* That it really mattered what time you ate your meals 

* That you had to train like an athlete to look like one 

* & that you had to eat like a ‘bodybuilder’ (bland chicken, broccoli & rice 6 x a day) to look lean & muscular 

* That my ex girlfriend kept her knickers on when she wasn’t with me 

* That fasted cardio was huge for fat loss

* That eating smaller & more frequent meals speeded up your metabolism 

* & that I can be the black Peter Pan forever 

Apart from the last point which I’m hoping I can still do all the others I was wrong about 

But you know what 

It’s ok to make some mistakes along the way 

Us guys are supposed to be all macho & sh*t

& of course know everything but damn thats nearly impossible 

We make mistakes 

We f*ck up 

We get things wrong 

I could have reeled of another 50 things here I’ve f*cked up in my time 

The thing is none of that really matters now

All that matters is what I do going forward 

I won’t change the f*ck ups 

So I’ll concentrate on the future 

& if you’ve made some mistakes (have you made any on the list?)

I suggest you do the same 

Unless you keep looking back & stay exactly where you are? 



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