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I thought I had cancer

Do you know what this word means 

I didn’t have a clue 


It means a tumor that is non cancerous 

The fact I didn’t know what it meant though really pissed 

me off 

I was 19 at the time & all the doctor or whoever he was said

“We’ve found a benign tumor growing around your spine”

Now him & my mum kept rambling on I’m just sat there


“Fuck me am I gonna die”

Thankfully a few moments later it was all cleared up & I 

realised apart from the obvious operation I was all good 

But why he used a technical word not every one know’s when

talking about something like that I don’t know 

It’s a bit like some of the PT’s I hear post on Facebook or write 

in their emails 

Some of the words they use & technical jargon they speak is 


I’m sure they’re just trying to impress other PT’s 

& if they landed on my page or website they probably laugh at

they way I write or speak 

The thing is I’m not writing or speaking for them 

I’m speaking for you 

& I’m speaking to you 

The busy guy who doesn’t give a F about Branch Chain Amino 


Or whether you should be taking or loading creatine monohydrate

I know man

All you wanna know is how drop a few kg of fat then build some 

solid muscle 

Well don’t worry I’m here to cut the crap 

My goal is to get my message across as simple as possible & I 

don’t need to look clever doing it 

So if you like things simple 


Easy to understand 

So you don’t feel like you’re in a science lesson every time we jump 

on a call or you watch one of my videos 

Then the programmes I run will work well for you 

Oh & did I mention they’re set up to get Results 

Fast Results 

Now this week is perfect for me to take some new guys on

I’ve got a couple of different options depending on the service you 


& also your budget 

So if you’re fed up of where you are right now 

& ready to do something about it 

Get in touch with me here


& have a hell of a Sunday whatever you’re doing 

Marcus ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ Duharty

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