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I Think I Annoyed A Few People…

Before I go into that though lets talk training 

& specifically you Building Muscle & Blasting Fat…


Cos that’s what my 90 Training Programme will do & you can secure a place

Hear me talk you through the whole process at the link below 


Now I thought I was being helpful yesterday 

After all I did throw some breakfast options in to the mix to help you 

& just to add make sure you don’t miss this crucial thing with your breakfast

Once you’ve decided on your goal & know the carb source in your meal

So a starchy carb like oats, bread or fruit to try & get calories in 

Or a vegetable carb like tomatoes, spinach & mushrooms to keep calories 

a bit lower..

You then MUST add one more thing 

PROTEIN… This is the big thing you’re potentially missing 

I’d recommend an absolute minimum of 30g

But aim for much more 

You can see some of my protein recommendations here 

How many grams of protein does your current breakfast get you in? 

Anyway something I said yesterday clearly annoyed a few people 

I had the most email unsubscribes I’ve ever had in one day

& 2 people actually made comments (complaints) 

Fuck know’s why 

It must be the fact they have to go out & buy extra food 

& maybe actually make something in the morning 

Rather than breakfast being brought to them by their mummy…

They’re probably the same lads who think to pull a chick is as simple

as walking up & saying “come home with me” 

If only hey

Let’s be honest that’s never happening

Fuck & if it did I can only imagine what she looks like 

You got to put at least a bit of work in for something decent 

Although I reckon I could make all those breakfasts in under 5 minutes 

& we all probably know some chicks you could get home in that time

as well…!

The fact is though you still gotta do some work man 

You just gotta be clever & make it easy for yourself 

Thats just the way it is… Don’t shoot the messenger 

But if you’re the type of guy who’s happy to get on with it & get it done 

Plus ready to build a body to be proud of

So you might have a better chance of going straight up to a chick & 

taking her home..

Or even just have your wife or girlfriend unable to keep her hands off you

this summer

Then you’re the type of guy I like working with 

& I personally invite you to see if Build & Blast is for you 

Here’s that link again 


I look forward to getting you started

Marcus ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Duharty

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