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I just can not be fucked with it 

It’s just a waste of time to me

All the effort to swim/paddle out to then get 

wiped off by a wave in seconds 

I tried surfing in Bali & it straight pissed me off

Watching the surfers on Bondi today made me think 

back to it 

All that effort for nothing was all I could think 

Ages paddling out getting smashed by waves 

Then ages waiting for a decent wave to come along 

Only to fall in after a couple of seconds 

That’s basically what I watched the guys do today 

When I did it I had 2 choices 

Get someone to teach me how to do it properly 

Or give up 

Being able to surf really doesn’t bother me so I chose the latter 

If however Building a Head Turning Body & transforming how 

you look & feel actually matters to you 

You may need to stop messing around half drowning like these 


Stop wasting time only to get nowhere 

& look for help or support or even someone to teach you how to do 

it properly 

With Training & Nutrition I can definitely help you 

These emails & the daily exercises, videos & content I put on my Facebook 

Page & on MarcusDuharty.com are a start 

But if you’re ready for some real coaching that will take you to your goal this form 

is where you can get in touch with me 


I cant do anything to help you surf better though 

To be fair I don’t what I was thinking I struggle to swim let alone surf

It’s true black don’t crack but I’m telling you it doesn’t float either 

& if you do see the pic I posted on my Instagram working & watching the surfers by 

Bondi Beach today 

Just remember thats the highlight reel

Let’s be honest pictures of me grafting in the library aren’t really that cool are they :-/

Marcus ‘Float Like A Brick’ Duharty

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