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I quit… & why you should to

There was no way we were getting in

& the moment the bouncer decided to literally push
me away

I knew it was time to quit

Yes I hate egomaniac bouncers on a power trip

But continuing to argue my point wasn’t going to get
me anywhere

Quitting wasn’t my only option but it was the best thing
to do

Deciding not to do the dissertation for my Masters degree
also wasn’t my only option

I could have spent another 12 months completing it whilst
working full time

Firstly┬áI just didn’t want to

& secondly it no longer fitted the vision for my life like it did
3 years previous when I started it

You’ll always hear… NEVER quit

But this has to be taken into context

I never quit on my overall vision or life goal

I just took a different path to reach it

The same as I didn’t quit my goal of having a good night on the weekend

I just did so in a different place

Both times I quit

But both times I had solid reasons why & another path to follow

& at the end of the day who wants to do a zillion word dissertation/research
project just for the sake of it

& I’ll leave getting my head kicked in or arrested outside the club to the 18 year
old chavs

Morale of the story is never feel bad about quitting something that no longer
serves you or that you don’t want to do

So what in your life could you quit for the better right now?

Are you sick of the restrictive diet your on?

Has your love for mass building come to an end & you’re ready to lean up?

Or are you ready to quit being the ‘chubby dad’ or quit struggling to fit in
your jeans?

There’s definitely something right now you should quit to make you feel & possibly
look better

What is it my man?

Marcus ‘I Quit… again’ Duharty


Here’s where a load of guys who quit feeling like shit about themselves

& decided to become unstoppable have ended up

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