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I Know Why You’re Struggling

Let me paint a quick picture in your head

Why do you get to work early or on time? 

Why do you do the work thats set out for you? 

& why do you keep turning up even if you might hate it? 

Because if you don’t some ones gonna be on your case 

Either your manager at work 

You partner when you’ve got no money 

The bank, mortgage/phone/car lender when you cant pay your bills 

& eventually the courts etc if you don’t pay what you owe

That’s why 

You’re being made accountable

So much so you feel like you HAVE TO DO IT

But with your training 

Your nutrition

& getting both of these things done 

You have NO ONE making you accountable 

No one to turn up for 

No one to feedback & report to 

No one to support you when you’re struggling

& no one on your case when you cant be fucked to get it done 

That’s exactly why you’re struggling my friend 

Think about it 

Would you really do all the things you do without your boss, partner or companies 

watching over you? 

I know I wouldn’t 

In my last job I was taking 2 hour lunch breaks cos I wasn’t being made accountable 

Accountability is huge 

& I’m sure is why the guys I work with come to me 

Let’s be honest most people can train ok 

& have a decent enough idea of what to eat 

But just need someone there to make them do it 

Which is why I’m gonna be adding even more accountability to groups & guys I work with 

The guys already report their training results & nutrition habits or numbers back to me 

But I’ve decided I’m gonna make it even easier 

& make them even more accountable 

So much so they feel like they HAVE TO DO IT 

Without it being forced or hard

I’ll touch on this a bit more another time 

But now is perfect timing ready for you to come & join

If you feel like this is the missing piece of your jigsaw 

Pop your email in the form below & I’ll be in touch 


‘Mystic’ Marcus 


If this isn’t the missing piece for you then what is? 

Let me know & I guarantee I’ll solve it for you

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