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I know exactly what you’re struggling with…

I mentioned Build&Blast member Brad yesterday

I gave him a shout out in the Build&Blast Facebook group this week

& it actually inspired a few guys to get there ass in gear

He’s become a bit of a inspiration

Probably because of his 14kg bodyweight drop in the last 8 weeks

You wanna know one thing thats massively helped him

Everytime he’s struggling with something or has a question

He comes to me straight away

I know exactly what he’s struggling with

So I can solve his exact problem

Blows my mind how many guys in both my groups don’t ask questions

Or let me know what they’re struggling with

It’s like they enjoy failing & wasting their money

It’s the same with you reading this email

You read my emails regularly

But do you think I’m a mind reader ?

How do I know what to write to solve your problem

If you never let me know what you’re struggling with?

So here’s a question for you

What are you struggling with right now?

Let me know & I’ll solve your exact problem

Unless of course you like being overweight

Out of shape

& feeling like crap

If thats good for you then cool

If however you’re fed up with that then you know what to do

Let me know what you’re struggling with & I’ll sort it for you

Marcus ‘Problem Solver’ Duharty


Just a reminder that the 90 day Build&Blast programme Brad is

Only has room for a maximum of 5 more guys right now

& as soon as those places are filled

You’ll be waiting a good while for those doors to open again

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