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I have to tell you about this

You know when something is that good you have to share it

Yesterday I told you about riding motorbikes in Vietnam 

& basically how it’s crazy & I bottled it 

Well as we travelled up the country we actually did rent bikes & ride 

for the day 

We rode up through the ‘Hai Van Pass’

Which if you don’t know Jeremy Clarkson from TopGear called it 

“A deserted ribbon of perfection, One of the best coast roads

in the wooorrrllld !!”

& fuck me it didn’t disappoint

The views

The buzz

The freedom 


It was pretty special 

So I’m writing this email to tell you if you ever get the chance 


It would be a crime me not sharing this with you 

& here’s a couple of other things that would be a crime for me not to share

1. My knowledge & experience in helping guys change how they look & 

feel with way less effort & stress than they thought 

2. How good it feels when someone compliments you on changes & 

progress you’ve made

I’ve actually had this a few times recently myself 

& with a little bit of fear of sounding arrogant

I can’t remember the last chick I ‘chilled’ with who hasn’t made a comment

about me being in shape

Or my abs, arms blah blah blah you get the idea

& as comfortable as I am in my own body I’m not gonna lie it does boost 

your confidence & makes me feel pretty fucking good

I can only imagine the impact it must have on guys who never hear that sort 

of thing…

I hear it from the guys I coach who have girlfriends/wifes etc

I buzz off the feedback on the difference it makes to their relationship 

& not just in the bedroom 

With it even affecting their kids

Marcus (not me) mentioned the other day that his kids are now copying his 

healthy eating habits 

& we all know kids basically follow & become mini me’s of their parents 

So what a feeling it must be knowing the example he’s setting 

I’m not a dad yet but that shizzle right there is priceless !

Anyway I’m gonna wrap this up with these thoughts 

** If you’re a single guy a hell of a lot of women will be more attracted to you 

if you’re actually in decent shape

** You’ll also have more chance of your  wife/gf not being able to keep her hands

off you

** Your kids will start to follow you & might even see you as a ‘superdad’ 

& finally

** Riding a motorbike through the Hai Van Pass is fucking amazing !

Of course if you need some help building the super dad body 

Or you fancy having hot chicks compliment you on your shape 

Drop me a reply or fill out this form & we’ll have a chat 




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