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I Hate This Tinder Bio…

Ok so I’m pulling no punches here

No apologies if this offends you

But here’s your warning to stop reading if you’re a bit sensitive

Tinder Bio’s that piss Marcus of 101

“Just looking for friends”


I just wanna match these people & say “Fuck off”

“Why you lieing for”

Like they know this a dating app right???

An app where you judge people on how they look

People swipe right on who they find attractive

Basically who they’d have sex with

& remember we’re talking about us MEN here

& these chicks make the choice to be shown to us guys not just women

If they were just looking for women to be friends with I might get it

But they expect guys to be on there like

“I hope I find a nice friend today”

FFS get real

Sorry I’m just not having it

They know why they’re on there & it’s the same reason as everyone else

No need to lie about it

I’ll respect the truth much more

Just like when I asked a guy once what his training goals were & his reply was

“To be honest I just wanna look so good chicks will be desperate to stroke me”

After we both stopped laughing I had to say I was impressed

Honesty is such an impressive & refreshing thing in my book

I hate people who tell me they’re not training to look good

Like they’re busting their ass on the treadmill for what?

& before you stop me I’m aware people train to feel good

The felling is what I’m all about

But looking good is likely the biggest part of feeling good

Hence the £1000+ of clothes in your wardrobe to make you look better…

& yeah I am talking to YOU

A buy guy in 2016 wondering how to actually get in the shape of his life

& feel better about himself than he ever

& hopefully you’re not lieing to yourself about it

If you’re not here’s the link to my latest Online Training Programme

Build & Blast >>> https://marcusduhartytraining.wufoo.com/forms/zx0ykon0ocl2i0/

You’ll be a good fit for it but there’s only a few spaces left

Unless of course you’re lieing about being happy with where you are now

You might as well hit the unsubscribe button below cos we wouldn’t be good to work

But have fun looking for friends on Tinder man….!

Marcus ‘Dont Lie To Me’ Duharty


Oh & shout out to the chicks with 12 people in their Tinder profile pic

Come on it aint a guessing game FFS

& of course the ‘foodies’ out there who “Love Food”

Like state the obvious who the fuck doesn’t love food

Bangs head against wall & swipes left…..

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