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I hate being lied to

I was sold a lie

I had this dream built up in my head

& in reality…

It was all BS

Anyone who tells you Sydney doesn’t get cold is a liar

6 god damn degrees this morning

I was doing my morning walk & a call to one of the Build&Blast guys

& I was literally (well almost literally) FREEZING

Ok it was 6am but still… It was damn cold

The thing is though as I’m strolling down Bondi Beach what do I see

At least 5 outdoor bootcamps training

People training in the outdoor gym

& a decent number of guys in the sea swimming

With of course budgie smugglers on the lot of them

First I thought they were mad.. which they definitely are

But then I thought fair play

They’re clearly working towards something

& not going to let a bit of cold stop them

Small obstacles are always going to be in the way

Changing the way people look at you & treat you

& how you feel about yourself

Is difficult in any situation

If you stop at every obstacle you’ll NEVER get started

& NEVER change the reality you have right now

It’s Monday morning now

You’re probably reading this led in bed (or on the toilet ha!)

It’s warm (in the bed at least)

You might be snuggled up to your wife or partner

But your week is about to start

& I guarantee there’s going to be obstacles in your way

You can probably even predict them

Are you going to struggle to eat well as you have meetings
booked all week?

Do you have team drinks or a meal booked after work one night?

Or is it someones birthday in the office which means cakes are
going to be brought in?

I’m sure some of these obstacles will come up this week

But do you have a plan in place for when they do?

When this happens to guys in my groups I problem solve around
their obstacle

Before you fly head first into your week

Take a moment to do the same

What obstacles are in you’re way this week

& what plan have you got in place to solve the problem?



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