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I Got This Completely Wrong

I’m driving & he says pull over lets ask these people 

for directions 

My reaction is “Mate u pissed it aint 1990 get your phone out

& go on google” 

I’m with my Swedish mate Mergim & we’re arguing 

He insists on me pulling over & I refuse laughing at how stupid 

I think his idea is

Anyway we pull up to the lights & he winds down his window to chat 

to this old couple

I’m waiting for him to say something stupid but he asks…

“Excuse me, like what is there to do around here? Where’s the beach?” 

They reply something like “The beach is this way, but it’s not very nice

down there”

“& you should go & see Kangaroos at ‘Black Butt’ “

Yeah I know random name & after I made a pretty average joke about racism  

off we went 

But it got me thinking… If he’d just gone on Google we would have just had

directions to a beach which wasn’t very nice

Instead we got the directions we asked for

Plus a bit of info about the best beach to head to

& some extra info about Kangaroos

Google alone wouldn’t have given us this 

& this is when I realised this process is exactly what you want & more importantly 


Going on google & getting directions to help you shred fat or build

muscle is ok

But you’re basically left do struggle then fail on your own

Getting personal directions with extra advise is obviously a better option

But you know what’s better than that…?

Step 3

Which is having someone (me) literally guide you to reach your goals 

Just like what me & Mergim needed on the weekend 

The directions & advise from the old couple was good 

But we literally needed someone to guide us to exactly where we wanted

to go 

Someone who’s been there before would have been even better

That way there’s NO WAY we could fail in having a decent road trip 

But like I told u earlier this week our road trip kinda well… sucked

Thankfully for you on your journey towards shredding fat or building muscle 

I can literally guide you to your goals 

Just like I’m doing with Brad who’s dropping bodyweight again this week 

Or Sam who after 2 weeks is already a couple kg towards his 1.5 stone

12 week shred target 

These guys aren’t being directed then left to themselves 

Or told what to do & how to get there 

They’re literally being guided through their journey 

Which results in basically guaranteed results 

You can join them by getting in touch with me here


Alternatively you can take the second option which is ask for directions 

Drop me a reply & I’ll answer any questions & direct you 

But remember that will only take you so far 

Marcus ‘Your Personal Guide’ Duharty

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