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I Got fucked Over… BAD!

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Subject: I Got Fucked Over… BAD!

Like seriously bad

Hopefully you appreciate the honesty in this 

& even if it’s not fitness related I hope you take 

something from it 

I’ll cut a loooong story short 

I had a girlfriend for 7 years

I’d been committed & planning a future for a long time 

& we finally bought a house together 3 years ago 

I put a SHIT LOT of money into it (as well as time earning it)

& I’ll always be thankful to her dad for giving it back to me 

See less than a month in I found out she’d been cheating…


At the start 

& in the middle 

Trust me it was fucking bad 

I was cut DEEP

& I’m not gonna lie I was gutted 

Hands down the lowest I’ve ever felt 

But why share this with you 

Well firstly I learned some valuable lessons from it 

If I havent bored you off already here’s what I learned 

Maybe you’ll find them useful now or in the future

You can relate them to fitness, health, life or whatever the 

hell you want 



Lesson 1 – It’s always your fault 


Every time 

The situation you find yourself in is always down to an action or a

decision YOU made

I made numerous shit decisions along the way & ignored many a ‘red flag’ 

I made the choice to be there 7 years down the line so I can only blame myself 

The sooner I realised this the easier everything else became


Lesson 2 – Always be honest 

Firstly with other people & never lie when it’s going to hurt someone

But most importantly NEVER lie to yourself

Were there times when I told myself I had something or someone that was different 

when really I wasn’t sure deep down 



Lesson 3 – Never Waste Time 

After the dust settled on everything for me the most painful thing was time…

Specifically the time that I’d lost, never to get back or be able to replace 

Thankfully I’ve used this to help drive some recent decisions but I learned the hard



Lesson 4 – Only fly with eagles

This something my man Cameron says all the time 

You always need to surround yourself with people to support you 

People to push & guide you when things are going well 

& even more importantly lift you when you’re down, desperate & struggling 

This was massive for me & I think can be for people in any situation


So thats what I learned 

If anything in there is useful to you let me know 

& shout out to #TeamHUD member Lloyd who’s post in the group this week

about his personal goals reminded me of this 

As a reminder you can see what the #TeamHUD Membership Group is all about

at the link below 

We cover Training, Nutrition & Motivation all in one place & keep you accountable to

what you said you were going to do 


Marcus ‘Lesson Learned’ Duharty

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