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I Got Fat & How You Can Avoid It

“You’re gonna blow away in the wind “

& he was pretty much right 

It was my first day at Bristol Rovers FC as a YTS/Apprentice player

16 years old & not a muscle on me 

We were being weighed in by the physio & thats what he said as I

stepped in the scales

9st6 I think I was… 61kg  

Anyway that was the point I started hitting the weights & quickly built

some decent muscle 

Although to be honest I didn’t know what I was doing 

I was just following the older lads 

We were basically doing beach weights with bodybuilder style splits 

Meaning the muscle I did put on had little effect on my actual performance

Apart from making me slower & it harder for me to carry my weight around 

Especially when I got injured, stopped running every day & carried on eating the same 

Without realising it I was basically ‘bulking’ 

No wonder I couldn’t run & very quickly went from being fast to slow 

I basically just got pretty fat… For a footballer anyway

It seriously sucks when you don’t know what you’re doing & this is the sort of

stuff that happens  

Which is what many guys do when they try to build muscle

& they eventually just end up fat & stocky 

Have you seen those lads in the gym 

‘Forever Bulking’ I think they are 

It might even be you now 

Well you’re in luck as I now happen to know what I’m doing

& I’m gonna help you avoid the mistake I made

Here’s how to add muscle without just getting fat 

Disclaimer: You will put on some fat, minimal fat say but you wont get ‘fat’ 

I’m gonna assume you know how to work out the calories you need to build muscle 

I’ve sent out instructions many times already but if you need a reminder just reply 

& I’ll send you the video 

Now follow these steps… 

1. Increase calories 10% above this figure

2. Monitor how you look, perform in the gym & your bodyweight for 2-4 weeks 

3. Assess whether your building muscle or adding too much fat 

Then do either of these…

4a. If you’re not building muscle increase calories by another 10% 

4b. If you’re adding muscle but too much fat reduce by 5-10% 

Go back to 2. & rinse & repeat until you find the figure that works for you

The figures that sees you building muscle & minimal fat

Now this is VERY simple 

& even though we haven’t even looked at protein/fats/carbs it can be highly effective 

One of the guys in my groups added 6.5kg bodyweight whilst still having visible abs 

using a similar strategy 

It works 

If you were just guessing before try this & thank me later 

& if you wanna join my new Build & Blast group hit the link below 

If you do join you get me PERSONALLY analysing your nutrition for you 

& developing the EASIEST strategy to reach your goals

No stress, No guessing just Results 


Marcus ‘Bulking & Sculpting’ Duharty

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