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I Felt Sick, Lost & Desperate

Do you ever feel lost?

Like when you don’t really know what you’re doing

Where you’re going

Or why you’re doing something?

It’s a weird feeling & I’ve had it a few times

I get like a weird sick sort of feeling in my stomach

& whatever is on my mind I just can’t get rid of

When I split up with my last gf I had it baaaad

I remember being up 30+ hours straight where my mind
was just going mental

& I literally felt lost at what to do going forward

It’s funny cos I would have looked fine on the outside

But on the inside I felt physically sick

It was a horrible place to be in

I have a lot of guys come to me in similar situations




Now for a guy thats a difficult place to be in physically

& even more difficult place to be in mentally

You know we’re supposed to be strong, fearless leaders

Showing no weakness

& if we do we just get told to ‘man up & deal with it’

Which of course we do & never really tackle the underlying

Now people will always be quick to give us advise

But it’s always just passing comments

If you’re out of shape for example everyone will say…

‘Just stop eating’

‘Join a gym’

‘Stop being lazy’

But what good is that to you?

A few words of advise mean nothing when you’re literally feeling
sick inside every minute of the day

I know exactly how that feels

I’ve been there

I’ve been in a very similar hole

& that’s why the service I offer is different

I don’t see it as sending out a training or nutrition plan to get on with

I wanna literally jump in that hole with you & help you out of it

& not just by telling you what to do

By guiding you on the way

Supporting you on each step

Whether that step be backwards, forwards or sideways

Working together to get you out of the hole

Regardless of how long it takes

Regardless of how hard it is

To ultimately transform the way you look

& most importantly the way you feel

One of my guys said to me yesterday

“Working with you has been the best investment I’ve EVER made”

If you feel lost right now

I know how to help you

Drop me a reply if you wanna find out how



Do you think it’s the best looking guys

Who get the best chicks

& the most sex

Well it’s not

I’ll explain this tomorrow

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