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I Feel Like… Crap

I’m tired 

I’ve overslept

My back is seriously aching from yesterdays session

No idea why but I feel hot & bothered

I’ve got a bundle of stuff I need to get done 

& I almost have that “I need to stay in bed all day” feeling 

Let’s just say today looks like it’s gonna be a struggle

The joke thing is I didn’t even go out partying the weekend

So maybe that’s what I’m missing !

I suspect you know exactly how I feel right now & you may 

even be feeling it yourself 

One thing to remember is it’s normal

& it’s ok 

We’re not going to wake up feeling like the million dollar man

every day thats for sure

It’s easy to perform on those days

It’s the days like today where it really matters though 

Cos you cant just give up & let it beat you 

We have to dig in & get through it

Start with a simple task & get it done 

Then move onto the next & get that done 

Hopefully by the you’ll get a bit of momentum 

I feel better already just starting & writing this email 

Once you break through that first bit of resistance you’ll get

some flow 

But to get there you’ve just got to get the fuck on with it to

start with 

No moping around, no feeling sorry for yourself 

Just get it done 

& if a training session ids on your plan for today 

Make it a priority 

& if you’re in bed reading this then get the hell up out of it & start

building some momentum 

Like now…!

I had some good questions come in from the email I sent Friday 

I’ll cover some of them in emails this week 

I answered one on how to train to burn fat on my Facebook page


Here’s my reply on what I think the first thing to do here is 


It’s probably not the answer you’re looking for 

But it really is the most important thing you need to think about 

Marcus ‘Feeling Better Already’ Duharty

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