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I DO NOT write Training & Nutrition Plans

What I actually do is this:- 

* Support struggling guys to get their confidence back 

* Stop them being pissed off with how they look & feel 

* Help put the spark back in their sex life

* Stop the ‘banter’ (piss taking) from mates in the office or pub 

* Get kids calling them ‘superdad’ instead of ‘fat dad’ 

* & help them realise they can live with an energetic buzz & 

that it’s not just for gym freaks


If you think I just write training & nutrition plans you’re WRONG 

I dont care how much weight my guys lift 

How quickly they run 

Or what they look like when they start

It doesnt matter to me what they eat 

Or whether they eat at all 

I don’t give a damn about their abs

Them posing on stage in underwear 

Or posting their food pics & shirtless selfies on InstaBook 

It’s not about that 

It’s NOT about the training

It’s NEVER about the nutrition

It’s all about the FEELING…


The feeling when someone notices the weight they’ve shifted

The feeling when the boys stop taking the piss out of their ‘moobs’ 

The feeling when they fill out they’re shirt and walk into a room

with presence

The feeling when their partner makes a comment on their body 


Forget the Training & Nutrition 

What I do is so much more than that 

My aim is to create an army of guys that have the confidence to go

out & DOMINATE whatever you do





I’ve used this quote before & I’ll use it again


“I’ll go to the grave thinking I can knock out Mike Tyson

Cos if you haven’t got CONFIDENCE

you might as well be dead…”


I fucking love this quote

Forget the training

Forget the nutrition

It’s the FEELING


& using these things to change your life

Thats what it’s all about

& thats what I’m all about creating

So far I think I’ve done a pretty good job 

Find out for yourself & the details & costs of working with me here




& have a hell of a weekend whatever you’re doing 

Marcus ‘The Feeling’ Duharty

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