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“I did a lot of drugs, partying & messing people about…”

This is the biggest thing I struggle with


Made up stories

BS made up stories about why I can’t do something

Do you do this?

You may think you don’t but trust me we all do…

I actually did a short video highlighting some BS I was telling
myself recently

I’ll stick the link at the end of this email

Now have a think…. What story are you making up right now?

Is it that you’re too busy?

Or that you have poor genetics?

That looking better isn’t important to you?

That the ‘manboob’ banter from the boys doesn’t bother you?

Or your chick admiring other guys bodies doesn’t piss you off?

Maybe it’s just the fact that ‘you’re trying’ when you know you
really aren’t

Whatever it is it’s BS & the sooner you can stop it the sooner you
can become or build what you want

It is hard though I’ll tell you that

Sometimes you literally have to stop yourself getting in your own

Sounds weird but is so true

I’m pleased to say a lot of the guys I work with have done that

One of them said this to me yesterday

“I didn’t have anyone to guide me properly so I did a lot of
partying, taking drugs & messing people about…

I’m hoping now I’ve made a change my kids will see the benefits &
take a different path to what I did

My boy idolises me…

The icing on the cake of it is if I can set an example
to him & the next kid to follow

Fucking hell how good would that be”

Touched me a bit this to be fair

But it all comes down to him getting rid of the made up stories of why he

& allowing him self to do exactly what he can

With the mindset he’s in right now I know he’ll achieve what he wants

& he’ll probably end up somewhere he didn’t even think was possible

Fair play to him

I hope my man you can do the same

I have 2 Online Training & Nutrition groups full of guys doing it right now

If you you’re interested in getting rid of the BS stories & getting involved

Let me know

Here’s the video where I talk about same BS story I was telling myself

Marcus ‘No Stories’ Duharty

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