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I Couldn’t Believe When I Heard This

They reckon it takes 5 years for people to act on a problem

(If you’re ready to act go here >>> http://marcusduharty.com/buildblasta)

5 years…!

It blows my mind when I think about it though

It must be the same people who let the fuel tank drop so low

Like to when there’s not even a bar left on the gauge

Or the gauge is deep deep deeeep into the red

Before they even think about filling up

Why do we do that??

Crazy right

& I’m sure you know a few people in the office

They chill for the whole month or quarter

& then panic & do a mad push in sales a week before target is due
to be met

I used to hear my mates in the corporate world bang in about it all
the time

All I could think was “what the hell have you been doing the rest of
the month”

Anyway I’m the guy who left my front tooth broken for yeeeaaars
before getting it fixed so I can’t really talk

It’s weird though

Why don’t we act before there’s a problem?

Like seriously…. Why….?

* Why is it we feel like complete crap until we act? 

* Why do we wait until we’re so out of shape looking at a kitkat adds
a stone of fat to our gut?

* Why do we wait until the ‘Big Dave’ or ‘Tubbs’ Nicknames are literally 

(I actually coached a lad who I’d forget his first name ‘Tubbs’ was so ingrained)

* How is it normal to wait until we’re so out of shape we avoid situations where
we have to take our shirt off in public before changing

* Why do we wait until we’re sleeping in different beds to our partner 
before we do something about it? 

* Why is there are more personal trainers than EVER & we’re still out
of shape?

* How can there be more info online than ever yet we’re fatter than ever? 

* There are healthy food outlets with tasty fresh food popping up every where
yet the drive thru at Krispy-Fucking-Kreme is a mile long

* How is it possible that something like 80% of people are classed as

* Why are people still doing ridiculous crash diets, juice diets & CANT EAT
ANYTHING diets that don’t work when there are easier ways


I could go on

Shit like this makes my brain do cartwheels

How is this even real

I don’t have the answer

I get it though

I just thankful I have a group of guys who are working to change their current reality

Guys that were doing the things I described

& were the people I described

But now don’t want to be another statistic

& are no longer following the norm to an uncomfortably miserable life & early grave

& are taking the small steps needed to become UNSTOPPABLE

Or at least feel a bit better, more comfortable & start to feel like they know they should

You can here what some of them have to say at the link below



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