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I Blew The 8k on Strippers & Class A’s

By February 13, 2016 Marcus' Mind No Comments

The end…

Ok so clearly I didn’t

Woulda made a good story though

Although you may see me in a few strip clubs

I definitely don’t take drugs

Although I probably felt like I needed some after arguing with my mum

& even though we’d disagreed

I knew it was what I was going to do

You know when you just get that feeling

It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or thinks

You just know that its what you want to do

In fact it’s not even what you want to do

It feels like what you HAVE to do

That’s what it felt like

But I knew the risks involved

& that I didn’t really know what I needed to do

I looked for support

& in the 3 years of saving until I actually bought a property I found it in many areas

* I started with browsing the internet ​

* Subscribing to magazines

* Joining Online groups 

* Signing up to email series’

* Attending monthly networking events 

* Buying educational books 

* Attending webinars 

With most of these coming at a cost

& before buying another place last year I’d added taking days off work to:

* View properties

* Meet with experienced investors

* Discuss options with financial guys

* Take estate agents out for lunch to pick their brains 

All of these again costing me time & money

But importantly giving me the support I needed to succeed

Which I eventually got from my mother as well

First with some financial assistance I’m eternally grateful for

& second in her & my dad looking after the properties whilst I’m away

They’ve even come round to the option of investing themselves

& that may happen to you

Someone who doesn’t support you at the start

May eventually come round

& be one of the biggest supporters for you !

Having that support there can keep you going when it gets tough

Cos shredding fat aint easy

It’s simple but not easy

Its the same with building solid muscle

& think about running a marathon

It’s a simple concept

But it’s hard as fuck

& how many people do you think would quit in the last 6 miles

Without the screaming support from hundreds of people on the sidelines

Probably most of them let’s be honest

Now I’ve been speaking to a few guys recently where I think this has finally clicked

In my experience when you hit around ages 25-30 you realise

HOLY fuck I need to do something about this shit

Life’s not gonna wait around for me to get this sorted

Maybe it’s getting rid of the gut you’ve been slowly building since school

Or just actually levelling up & putting the work in to build some muscle properly

So you feel better about yourself

Have more confidence

Maybe attract hot chicks or your partner more

Or become the fit guy your mates & work colleagues look up to

Does it feel like I’m talking directly to you?

The problem is you have no or minimal support

Which of course is what #TeamHUD is all about providing

It’s not just high quality Training & Nutrition programming

As you can see by the comments below


& also


If you’re interested in joining this growing group (welcome Lloyd)

Then reply to this email & I’ll take the time to talk you through it

Over & out…


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