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How To Stop Being Such A P*ssy

So I’d already bottled out of riding motorbikes up through Vietnam

& even though I felt a bit sick at the thought of it I couldn’t
back out now

We’re about to go cliff jumping & waterfall abseiling & I can’t
think of anything worse to do

You know that feeling when you’re worried about something you
know you can’t get out of

Sorta like the first day at a new job

Or even worse an interview

The easiest thing you can do is not to go but you sorta really have to

It was about time though I stopped being a pussy

This video is the result https://www.facebook.com/MarcusDuharty/videos/786580874806482/

& yes it was as hard as it looked to hold on

Yes people did slip & get stuck hanging half way down

& yeah the asians are crazy & will let us tourists do anything for a thrill

Plus we had to do a massive 15m cliff jump which literally had me clucking

The thing was immediately after I was like “I wanna do that again”

Even though before I couldn’t have thought of anything worse to do

See I’d built it up so much in my head to be this massive thing

This thing that was so huge & scary I was on the verge of not doing it
at all

When really it wasn’t that bad at all

All the fear & hugeness of it was all in my head

Made up bullshit I was telling myself

That really only represented a fraction of the truth

I think people do this when they think about dropping body fat

Build it up to be this massive thing thats going to change their life

& be a huge struggle that is super scary & nearly impossible

When really just like my overthinking thats a load of BS

& although I’m not gonna kid you & say it’s easy…

It really is simple & no where near as painstaking as you think

& really I’m talking to ‘non gym/fit people’ here not the fitness freaks

You don’t have to be a fitness freak to get quick results

You can check out the guys on my website for proof of that

One thing that I think helped me get over my overthinking (being a pussy)
though was this

As I knew my best mate was gonna do it & we were doing everything together
I felt like I couldn’t back out

If I started backing out of stuff it would kill his experience which I just would
never want to happen

So I was accountable to him & it made me grow a pair & do stuff I may have backed
out of on my own

This was huge for me & is something I include with all my Online Training packages

From quick daily checks, weekly reviews & monthly analysis sessions

You always have that “Big Brother is watching me” feeling

Which in my experience is the difference between ok results

& seriously fast & confidence changing progress

If payment links are paid today I have 1 maybe 2 spaces ready for a 3rd April start on my
Build & Blast 90 day Online Training programme

If you haven’t watched the video yet check it out below


Marcus ‘Grew A Pair’ Duharty

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