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How To Shred Fat… The Easy Way!

By February 12, 2016 Marcus' Mind No Comments

This so go damn simple it’s unreal

Literally anyone can follow it

I think it’s the most important thing you can do when trying to

lose fat

& if you can’t do it you might as well give up now…

“Don’t Fucking Buy The Food You Don’t Want To Eat” 

& what I specifically mean is

Get rid of all the ‘crap’ food from your house





Ice cream

etc etc etc

What ever it is you don’t wanna eat

Don’t keep it in the house

Like fuck this should be so obvious

If it’s there you’ll eat it

It’s food

It has one job

You’re not using it as a decoration

It’s not helping the fung shi or whatever the hell it’s called of your house

& it definitely aint helping you get laid or paid

Food has one job & thats to be eaten

& if you don’t wanna eat it

Do yourself a favour & don’t buy it

Cos trust me if its there

You WILL eat it

& I’m talking from experience

Last month I spent 4 days at a chicks in Melbourne

Her house was literally FULL of chocolate

Low & behold I spent 4 days eating my bodyweight in Cadburys celebrations

& Ferrero Roches

& then when she bought ice cream

I ate that as well

Did I really want or need any of it?


So why did I eat it?

Cos it was there

Simple as that

Do yourself a favour

“Don’t Fucking Buy The Food You Don’t Want To Eat” 

Marcus ‘Happy as Always’ Duharty


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