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How to predict the Fat you drop

Imagine you could predict the future 

What would you do? 

The options are pretty endless

& unless you’re a complete douchebag I expect you’ll 

make yourself pretty happy 

What if I told you YOU CAN predict the future when 

it comes to your body 

The amount of fat you drop 

The muscle you build 

& the way you feel about yourself 

& I’m not fucking around with you I truly believe YOU CAN 

Here’s the video I did last week explaining exactly how 

Video: Predict How Much Fat You’re Going To Lose

No BS here

& when you hear it I know a few light bulbs will be switched on

Thank me later 

‘Mystic’ Marcus


If you’re pretty pissed off after you watch the video 

& realise the amount of fat you’re predicted to lose isn’t what you want 

Ask me how you change it by replying to this message 

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