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& by nail I’m talking for both Building Solid Muscle 

& Blasting off Fat

So before I give you some breakfast options & a decent ‘bulking’

breakfast I have to say this first… 

I fucking love breakfast 

I’m actually not sure why but waking up & having some fresh 

food is something I actually enjoy 

I’m aware most people fully suck at breakfast, hate it or don’t even 

have it at all 

The problem definitely comes from being kids & getting stuck with

cereal every day 

Like literally every ….fucking …day !

& I have clients tell me they’re bored with they’re food 

Yet they’ve been eating cereal for 30 years of their life

Work that one out cos I can’t…

On a special day as a kid we’d get toast or even pop tarts

Basically cos it’s easy & as we get a bit older pretty hard to fuck up

For parents though giving us something as quick & easy as cereal

or toast is ideal

I couldn’t imagine what it must be like trying to feed 2 or 3 toddlers

every morning 

So cereal becomes a habit we’re stuck with from childhood 

& then when we grow up & mistake our laziness for being busy its

an easy option 

& of course by now we’re mentally engrained to see breakfast as 

literally just cereal, toast or maybe porridge 

Well I’m here to tell you IT’S NOT

Breakfast is simply another time to eat food 

& by food I literally mean whatever food you want 

Ok I’m not talking about the leftover pizza or kebab from the night before 

But Eggs & Bacon is easy enough to make 

So is an omelette 

& of course both are high in protein & low in calorie dense foods so support 

reducing body fat 

Spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, onions etc etc etc can all be added 

You could even throw them in a wrap and make a burrito to take with you 

& if you need some calories to support building muscle a packet of rice can 

be warmed in 2 minutes & added

“Rice for breakfast” you may be thinking 

Well why the hell not? 

You know in asia they have rice for breakfast daily 

Around Europe it’s pastries, cheese, cold meats, yoghurt & fruit 

& in Jamaica my grandparents eat something called ‘Ackee & Saltfish’ 

Yeah fish for breakfast.. along with fruit (ackee) & dumplings 

Now the Jamaican version will take some time to make with the dumplings 

But with pre cooked meats & packets these days there are some super quick 

options which really smash time as an excuse

Like how long does it take to pull a croissant out a packet, slice some cheese

add some ham & peel a banana? 

Or cook some sizzle steaks or burgers in a pan with tomatoes, spinach etc? 

Or even re heat a portion of the previous nights stir fry? 

Ok so hopefully you get my point that you don’t have to limit yourself to typical 

‘Briterican’ (British/American) breakfast options

That said though…. Cereal is quick & easy so if it fits your training goal then… 

Happy fucking days…!! Carry on eating cereal my man 

Right I’m waffling on so let me wrap this up… 

Here’s the quick fire list I replied to a query a guy made yesterday in one of my 

online training groups

– Bacon on toast

– Beans on toast

– Peanut butter & banana/apple on toast

– Bacon/Tuna, beans, tomato, mushrooms, spinach

– Burrito or wrap (sausage, bacon, tomato, spinach mushrooms)

– Mexican Burrito Black beans, peppers, cheese, salsa

– Greek Yoghurt & granola

– Greek yoghurt with berries & seeds

– Muesli with milk

– Breakfast shakes with protein scoop, coffee shot, banana, peanut butter

– Fruit smoothies or ‘Green’ (vegetable based) smoothies 

– Pancakes (pre made to save time)… various/limitless sweet or savoury toppings

Non of these involve having to physically see & eat an egg which was the guys request 

& I’ve tried to keep them ‘breakfasty’ & quick 

There’s also a million porridge/oat variations you can try 

Here’s a link to one variation that could easily get you nearly 1000 calories if thats

something you need


If you have any thoughts on what I’ve discussed or options you love hit reply

& let me know

Marcus ‘Breakfast Addict’ Duharty


I’ll be interested to see what Kirky has for breakfast this morning 

He can check into the group daily with his food & if he does I’ll analyse it & 

feedback to him pretty much immediately 

That’s the beauty of being a part of the groups 

Here’s where you head if you want some info on my latest one 


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