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How To Get Shredded For Summer

Check out the 90 Day programme I’m running 

This is exactly how I’ll help you get shredded for summer 


This is perfect for you if you’re a…

Mid 20’s to mid 30’s guy

Fuck it you might even be older it doesn’t really matter

You’re ambitious but not satisfied 

Keen to feel more Powerful

& walk into rooms with Confidence

& want women queuing up for your attention

Looking to STACK on Muscle

SHRED some Fat

& ultimately Super motivated to build a HEAD TURNING BODY

& DOMINATE in all aspects of life

Do you want this?

Don’t tell me you don’t

Have you had your balls cut off mate? 

Unless you have why the hell wouldn’t you want this?

Show me a man who doesn’t & I’ll show you a LIAR

Or someone SCARED to step out of their comfort zone

Now what I described sounds like you

Or you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone NOW

Then you’re in luck

I’ve got space to take YOU on

But don’t hang around as I’ve only got a 5 places available

I’m looking to add 5 new guys to a group for the start of April

With a 90 day programme to transform the way they look & feel 

Blast their confidence to the next level 

& get them Turning Heads right in time for summer 

Anyway here’s where you head more info 


Unless you have literally been castrated

Marcus ‘Big Balls’ Duharty

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