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How To Get Exactly What You Want

I don’t do a lot of things I don’t like

But I just spent an hour doing one

Shopping for jeans

I wasn’t lieing earlier this week when I said I ripped a pair

People ask me whether I make stuff up for these emails

Thats a 100% NO

Anyway I hate jean shopping cos I can never find a pair that fits

& always end up hot, sweaty & pissed off

I literally can not stand it

But today I did something miraculous…

I asked a guy for help

Halle-fucking-ulaeh I actually turned my brain on

Within 5 mins he’s like “these won’t fit, try the stretch fit”

& bam happy days they fitted pretty much spot on

Reminds of when I was shopping for outfits for vegas

I kid you not 4 hours I was shopping & had nothing

Decided to ask a chick for help & I had 3 full outfits in 30mins

Amazing what happens when you ask for help

Why us guys are programmed not to ask I don’t know

From now on I’m always gonna get help whenever I clothes

& even whenever I’m struggling with anything else in my life

It can’t be a coincidence that when I do I get exactly what I

So… What are you struggling with right now?

Does your Training & Nutrition strategy look like me wandering
aimlessly round a clothes shop

If it does it’s pretty obvious what you should do about it…

So… I’ll ask again…

What are YOU struggling with right now my man??


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