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How to Build 6.5kg of Muscle in 10 weeks

Lets talk about building muscle 

& how you can do it pretty quickly 

One of the guys in my group has added 1 stone in 10 weeks

Thats 6.5 kg or 13 pounds 

in 70 days 

Marcus (not me but a guy in my group) was 70.4 kg to start 

& hit 77kg this week 

His first time over 12 stone bodyweight EVER

& he’s still around 10% bodyfat

To say he was happy was an understatement

I had to post his quote on my Facebook page cos it cracked me up

Take a look > HERE < & ‘Like’ my page if you haven’t done so already 

That’s progress is pretty good going

But it isn’t what I’d expect with an ‘experienced’ trainer doing things

properly for years

But lets be honest… How many people actually do things properly?

Are you?

Marcus wasn’t

So here’s how you go about doing it properly 

A. You get a solid training programme 

Marcus is part of #TeamHUD where the guys all follow a similar programme 

He’s got his programme sorted & all done for him

I’ve sent out an example of a KILLER upper body session from the first block

#TeamHUD Training Block before

Chest, Back & Arms focused in under 60 mins 

Reply to this email if you want me to send it to you 

Having a programme is just the start though

B. Consistency & Accountability

It’s all well & good Marcus having his programme  

But he’s got to get the work done

Being in the #TeamHUD group & the daily check in’s we’ve started doing definitely helps with that 

C. You gotta eat to grow man

That’s just the way it is 

After watching the first set of Nutrition Videos in the group 

& then working out what he was ACTUALLY eating

Actually meaning not what he thought he was eating 

But what he actually was 

Marcus realised he was under eating by a big amount 

Right now Marcus is at 3750 calories a day 

& I tell you one thing that you have to remember

You can forget A & B if you don’t nail C 

Seriously Marcus could have nailed A & B for the next year 

But if he continued to under eat as he had been doing for the last 12 years

He wouldn’t have put on a single gram of muscle 

Not an ounce 


& thats a fact 

So firstly…

Are you doing things properly? 

& I’m talking A, B & C here

Are you?

Cos if you’re not doing them right building any muscle is impossible

But the great thing is now you know exactly what to do 

Just like Michael Jackson said

“It’s as easy as A, B, C…”

Cos A + B + C = Building muscle & a happy you 


& that’s exactly what I’ll be doing with 5 guys

The 5 guys I take on into my new Training & Nutrition programme  

With the sole purpose of them feeling fucking amazing about themselves

Places are limited so click the link below to hear what it’s all about 

& we can add some muscle to your frame


Marcus ‘A, B, C’ Duharty

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