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How Not To Travel Asia…

“Lee where the fuck are we?”

These were familiar words out my mouth

We landed in Asia literally without a Scooby Doo

2 lads nearly 30 years old just a backpack a passport & no plan

No bed for the night

No idea where we were going next or how we were getting there

No idea of the language or currency

No clue what we were doing there

Basically no plan & no idea

Seriously I’m not exageratting

We step out of a bus or train somewhere & on numerous occasions I’d have no idea where we were

& to be honest at times it was absolutely amazing

The freedom, excitement & buzz was different to anything I’d done previous

But I have to say at times it was a MASSIVE ball ache

Like walking round in Vang Vieng Laos for 4 hours trying to find somewhere
to sleep

& ending up sleeping in a corridor

Or when we got on a 7 hour ‘speedboat’

Which was basically a wooden raft/longboat with a Formula1 engine on

With back breaking seats made for midgets

& a 90kmh top speed

It was only after we paid did we realise they crash & people die each year

& all reviews online say categorically DO NOT TRAVEL ON THIS BOAT

& finally when we decided to pop to Boracay in the Phillipines for a few days
to do a ‘visa run’ out of Vietnam

We booked flights & then realised we needed another flight then a boat to
get to our eventual destination

& of course the same on the way back

Which pretty much doubled if not tripled the whole cost

& we even had to pay airport taxes to get out the country after

& that really sums it all up

As great as having no plan is

I have no doubt it cost us a hell of a lot of extra time & money

Which are 2 of the most valuable things we all have

Having a plan in all areas of life will save you one of these things or even both

Time & Money

& here’s exactly where you can do that with your training & nutrition

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Marcus ‘Not a Scooby’ Duharty

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