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How many easter eggs did I eat?

Well first off how many did you eat? 

Were you force fed them as well?

It seemed like everyone on my Facebook was 

Almost complaining about how many eggs they got 

Seems odd to me though as as adults I thought we had a choice on what we put in our mouths 

I actually didn’t eat any Easter eggs 

At 30+ I seem to have replaced chocolate with beer 

Catch ups with friends = a few beers

Bit of food with a date/girlfriend = a few beers

Friday or Saturday nights out = more beers

The reality is stuff like this kills your progress

But for most of us it might only happen a couple of times a month 

Just like Easter it’s not all the time so it’s alright to eat & give our kids chocolate 

Which it probably is 

It’s more like the day to day stuff thats going to really make a difference

So here’s what you should do now that this weekend is gone 

Take all the left over chocolate or junk 

Along with any beers in the fridge 

& throw them away 


Well how are you going to be able to eat them or drink them if they’re not there? 

Now I’m 100% NOT saying you can’t or shouldn’t eat it 

You should 

Enjoy yourself 

But we all know it’s a struggle not raiding the cupboard when those cookies & ice cold beers are in there

Almost waiting for you 

Almost calling you 

But if they’re not there 

You’re not going to be able to eat or drink them 

Simple as that really 

Think about it 

You’re an adult after all 

No ones force feeding you anything 

Kinda makes sense right !?



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