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How Cameron Pissed Me Off So Much

Cameron who I run #TeamHUD with is my boy 

But he seriously pissed me off when he said this to me 

“You Look Good Man” 

He was referring to a pic I put on InstaBook 

Shirt off posing by Bondi Beach 

Here’s why his comment pissed me off 

I’ll start with my reply which was  

“Good Yeah… Talk me through that word then” 

& what I mean by that reply is 

“GOOD…!” You might as well just slap me round the face cos that word 

is an absolute 

To me good is the sort of word you say when you’re making general chit chat 

“How’s your day” 

“Good thanks” 

You know it’s like an automatic response

“You look good” 

“Good afternoon”

It’s basic 

It’s Bryan

& who the fuck wants to be basic, Bryan, ordinary… good!

Cam was basically saying

“You look like every other guy with a decent physique that trains in the gym” 

So he basically did just slap me round the face

I’m supposed to be the leader of a group FFS

An inspiration 

A role model

A target for people to reach 

& the face of my brand 

Yet I was looking… “good” 

That was all the motivation I needed 

& 4 weeks later I’ve got Cameron shouting out how I’m looking on Facebook 

Without any conversation between us or planned ideas 

Mission accomplished

But what’s your motivation? 

Is it shutting up the skinny or fat banter from the boys? 

Is it getting back in the shape you used to love being in? 

Is it getting more attraction & having better sex with you chick?

Or getting more attention from chicks on your upcoming holiday? 

Is it to get back playing football or rugby with old teammates? 

Is it having your kids look at you like superman? 

Or is it just not thinking you look a mess when you look in the mirror? 

Whatever the hell it is you have to use that to drive you 

& you gotta make sure it’s set & clear

Cos thats what’s gonna drive you when you’re tired

When it’s too cold to get up & train in the mornings

When all you wanna do is eat pizza & mong out.. 

That motivation will be there pushing you on

& without having a motivation 

A target

A goal 

A why…

Are you really gonna do it when it gets tough?

I’ll let you answer that one

But if you’d like me to help make you accountable as well as motivated 

Pop your email in the form below & I’ll be in touch 


Marcus ‘Fuck Good’ Duharty


If you you wanna know what motivates me

I’ll tell you exactly what that is tomorrow 

& I guarantee its far from what you think

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