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Hit With a Baseball Bat

It was like it came out of nowhere

I’m just walking casually then…


The biggest hit I’ve ever felt 

But I turn round & there’s no one there 

I look the other way & I realise there’s no one within 20 feet of me 

Thats when I realised

The defibrillator in my chest had gone off… 

To refresh your memory I blacked out on a football pitch a few years ago

& had a device fitted in my chest that kicks in if my heartbeat fucks around

Think Baywatch zapping someone who’s drowned on the beach 

You can actually see it in my chest in THIS PIC (Link)

Anyway it’s never gone off before 

& I actually didn’t think it ever would 

So to say I was shocked was an understatement 

I was in the gym at the time 

& had just finished some walking lunges

When I got back to the changing I sat down


Then did something I hadn’t done for a couple of years

I shed a tear 

See I think part of me still believed I never needed the thing in the first place

So I was absolutely gutted it had gone off

I felt low 




It was a horrible feeling 

Why share this with you? 

Cos I expect you’ve been there yourself at some point 

You might even be there right now 

Unfortunately life never seems to take a straight path 

There’s always setbacks & low points 

Just like there are twists and turns in the road

But the important thing is 

You keep moving forward 

Which is exactly what I did 

& 4 weeks later I look & most importantly FEEL the best I’ve EVER FELT

Are you at a low point right now?

Have you been at a low point for a while? 

Are you gonna sit still or keep moving forward? 

Getting your training going or sorted properly will definitely help 

So here’s a FREE Training session from my Online Training Groups programme 

for you to try 

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The device actually went of inappropriately 

But it was still a huge shock that knocked me back (literally)

So the message still applies 

Word’s can hurt as well though 

Something Cameron said around the same time really pissed me off 

Let’s get in to that tomorrow

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