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His Wife was checking me out

We were in a bar in the Phillipines & this big guy stops & stares at me

“You’re the guy in the green shorts” 

We’d had a big day & night partying before so my first thought was 

“Ffs what have I done now” (I do tend to get a bit carried away at times..!)

Thankfully he follows up with 

“I have to cover my wifes eyes when you walk past” 

I was in decent shape so knew exactly what he was on about 

& we have a laugh & a drink about me on the beach with my shirt off & his wife staring at me 

I’m not going to lie it made me feel pretty damn good 

I was reminded about this as guys in my groups & on calls are starting to talk about upcoming holidays 

& the apparent dread that brings some of them with the whole ‘shirt off in public’ scenario 

It’s a regular thing I hear around Feb-May & I get it 

Have you got a holiday coming up? 

It’s common for guys to have felt pretty pissed off & uncomfortable with the way they look on the beach

Which means even in the months leading up to it they spend time worrying & almost dreading it

Last week I had a guy say “I joke around like being overweight is ok but really I hate it” 

I’ve felt the same as him myself before 

What I’ve found is having real simple guidelines on nutrition have helped me & the guys I coach to turn this around though 

Otherwise it’s just kind of a guessing game 

When what we really want is guaranteed results 

So that we feel confident & comfortable with our shirt off on the beach 

This download will give you a clear outline of how you can start to portion out your meals 

So you still eat good food

Aren’t miserable & tired from going ‘low/no carb’

& still shift the weight you need to get rid of

Here’s the link to the doucments > http://www.hungryunderdogs.com/free-nutrition-content/



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