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Here’s What Us Guys Really Want

A few Million in the bank? 

To be the greatest dad in the world?

A girlfriend/wife who suddenly gets a fetish for BJ’s?

Or maybe just a private jet to Vegas with a sack full of cash? 

Let’s be honest you probably wouldn’t mind all of those things 

& as you’re reading this there’s a good chance you want a bigger Bench Press

There’s no shame in that man we all do

Well I did this video yesterday where I talk through 3/4 guaranteed ways to build your Bench up 

But the thing is I know you might need a bit more than that 

I obviously offer Online Coaching through  Build & Blast & also #TeamHUD

But maybe these are too much for you right now 

Or they just aren’t what you need 

Ok well here’s a chance to join Phil, Swanny, Brett, Alex & a couple I took on

yesterday & have a monthly training programme written up 

Just a solid programme, no extras, thats it 

If you don’t need regular check ins or nutrition support then this is for you

If you just want a solid scientifically proven programme to get results this 

is for you 

& if you’ve been following the same old routine getting bang average results 

then it’s probably worth mixing it up a bit 

Drop me a reply to this message & we’ll get this set up 

& if I can find a way to instantly get any of the first 4 options I’ll let you know

Marcus ‘Vegas Dreaming’ Duharty


You’re reading this email for a reason so you must want something 

Well what is it my man? 

If I don’t offer it right now then let me know & I’ll see what I can do

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