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Here’s The Reality Of Weightloss

I’m sorry to tell you

Shifting weight isn’t a piece of cake

You can’t build muscle with the click of a finger

There’s no secret programme out there you just haven’t found yet

Shifting kilos & kilos of fat in a couple weeks & keeping it off doesn’t happen

I’ll be honest with you

Most people in the fitness industry lie to you

Tell you the BS that you want to hear so you buy their programme or product

“14 days to get abs programme etc”… FCUK OFF

This shizzle is hard

Sometimes damn hard

It takes work

It takes sweat

& it takes consistency

It is actually pretty simple though

I’ll always stand by that

There are simple steps you need to take & repeat that will allow you to shift some weight

Fit in your clothes better

Look better naked

& most importantly feel (or at least start to feel) better & maybe even confident in who you are

We can all do it once or twice

Repeating it is the difficult bit though

Major respect to everyone out there walking that path right now

It may be simple enough… For sure it’s not easy… But it’s 100% worth it !


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