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Help me with this video from Ben

It was the last minute of the cup final

I can’t even remember the score but we were drawing

I got put through on goal

1 v 1 with the keeper

I must score & win us the game

I shoot

He saves it

We lose on penalties

So close… But not close enough

Just like my man Ben yesterday

He sends me his pull-up video

I’m watching it & counting the reps

Will he hit the sacred 10 we’ve been working towards

Bear in mind we started at ZERO reps

That’s right none, nada

I’m counting like 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…

He gets to 9 & I’m like fuck he’s gonna do this

So he starts to pull-up

Gets to half way

Get’s kinda stuck

Does a weird little leg kick

I can see him reaching his chin up towards the bar

He’s getting closer

But no…. down he drops finishing with 9 & 3/4 reps

Which in my book is 9

Here’s the video

Would you give him a 10 for this?

Why do I tell you this?

Well the next 2 years running we went back & won that cup final

& I’m sure within the next few weeks Ben will hit that 10

Yesterday I told you to quit…

But don’t get it twisted

To achieve something you have to put the work in

For us it was 12 months of matches to finally win the cup

For Ben it’s been 10 months of graft

He’s had to build his strength

& drop a hell of a lot of fat…

36kg of fat loss & counting right now

I’m sure you’ve had setbacks before

& achieving what you want sometimes seems miles away

It did for me after losing the final

It also did when Ben first told me he wanted to hit 10 pull-ups

But just cos something seems miles away doesn’t mean you
shouldn’t start

Or even re start

& just cos you feel like quitting when it’s tough

It doesn’t mean you always should

Sometimes you’ve just got to go again

& with no fear of sounding like an arrogant douche

If you’re in one of my Online Training groups

& you follow what I coach you on

I guarantee you’ll smash the hell out of your goal

I guarantee it !


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