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He looks like a marshmallow

My ex girlfriend once asked me to go to her best friends Christening with her

I flat out refused as 1. I didn’t like her mate or her mates boyfriend 

& 2. I didn’t want to waste 3 hours of my Sunday morning pretending I liked them or gave a crap 

She obviously wasn’t happy & we argued about it 

But what was I supposed to do lie? Be fake? Pretend it was ok but be miserable all day?

Forget that 

Thats why I have major respect for honest people & I can’t wait to help this guy out 

When guys join Build&Blast90 we get them to look at where they are now & comment on it 

I’m not going to lie his comment made me laugh 

“I look like the marshmallow man from ghostbusters” 

You know who he’s talking about right? 

Yeah I know… Not a good look 

But damn the honesty is amazing & really does motivate me to help him 

2 more things he said stood out for me as well 

“I look at the pics and think how the hell did that happen”

“Last summer on the hot days sat with friends I was one of the only one in the group with a t-shirt on”

This is a common scenario that he wants to avoid 

He seems focused & ready for change & I can’t wait to report back in with his progress in a few months time 

If you’re not quite in this place right now thats cool 

When you are you know where I am 

Unless you’re happy looking like the marshmallow man or sweating out with your shirt on in the summer ?



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