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Have you tried this sure fire way to shift weight?

“Whats the best exercise for shifting fat”

I got asked by an out of shape guy the other day 

My reply… “Push aways” 

“Push aways? Whats that?” He asks 

Me: “Push aways… Push away the plate next time you’re tempted to go for a second helping” 

Ok so I’ll be honest I didn’t come up with that joke but it is pretty funny 

I didn’t come up with the info in this video either 

It explains so well though how they portion out their foods so they shift fat without having to track every meal 

Check it out here in the free/bonus non members content in the nutrition section of the Build&Blast90 membership site 



We’re still CLOSED for new members right now 

We did have the first guy secured his place for March’s intake yesterday though 

With spaces limited if you’ve been thinking about it head to this page for info & to apply 


Wouldn’t want you to miss out on results like this 

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