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Have I priced this too CHEAP!?

By February 29, 2016 Marcus' Mind No Comments

“New protein targets & How to get enough in”


Block 3’s Muscle Building & Fat Blasting Training sessions

All finished & ready to be uploaded to the #TeamHUD site now

Here’s the site if you wanna take a look at the link below


I know I find it hard to believe as well

£12.50 to have ALL your training done for you

& be provided with the videos to build a killer Nutrition strategy

& that’s not just it

You get access to the best motivational speaker in the countries video series

& a group of guys to ask questions to & get help from

As well as me & Cameron to answer the more technical questions

Fuck I wish something like this was around when I was training a few years back

For Friday drinks a round of beers would cost me more than signing up for this

Fuck depending where you live 1 drink could cost you that much

& a decent Nandos definitely will

Also the info is based on that delivered to Online Personal Training Clients

With the personal coaching they get coming in at nearly 3 times the price & well over

£100 a month

The results are worth it though which you can check out on my site

Cos lets be honest what price can you put on looking & feeling insane

Shit forget looking insane as you may have a long way to go

But thats fine as FEELING insane is what I’m all about

& thats definitely priceless

If you’re ready you can sign up at the link below


& if you have any questions just drop me a reply to this email

Marcus ‘Priceless’ Duharty

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