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Guys Will Hate You For This

So I’m in a bar the other week with my Swedish mate 

We start chatting to some chicks on a hen party

Normal chit chat then one chick pokes me in the stomach 

I don’t know why I think it’s like a flirty thing chicks do

Anyway after poking me she’s like “Let me see your abs” 

& before I even know it her & her mate are trying to rip my shirt off

I’m like “Wow chill out ffs” whilst laughing my head off

Like imagine I did that to them…

“Nice boobs can I have a look” Then started ripping her top off…

Anyway I don’t really mind

Being treated like a piece of meat when you’re a single guy isn’t the end of the world

lets be honest 

So would you have taken your shirt off for a pose or not? 

Believe it or not I did refuse to take my shirt off for their photo 

My mate though was more than happy to do it as you can see from this

ridiculous photo


Yes as you can see he was loving the attention 

& I’m sure the other guys in the bar were probably hating on him 

Morale of the story 

Women love guys with decent bodies

& the women who say they don’t are straight up lying

Thing is I’m NOT talking bodybuilder style massive or shredded 

Just relatively lean with a bit of muscle 

An athletic build is a decent way to describe it I think 

Take Channing Tatum or even David Beckham for example 

Both are far from big let alone massive 

Or are they particularly shredded 

But a pic on InstaBook of them shirtless will get 4 zillion comments from 

hungry women 

& let’s be honest we can all achieve a body like that 

& we’ve all probably been there at least once 

& yes mid to late teens does count 

Even if it was 20 years ago 

The thing is I know you know this already 

But lets be honest right as guys we’re a pretty simple race 

There is 2 things I can guarantee you every man reading this wants 

More money 

& more sex

Now I cant directly help you with the money part 

But if you’re a single guy like me looking to improve your chances

Or you’ve got a partner or are a super dad looking to keep the spark with the wife 

or even improve what you’re doing right now

I 100% believe improving the way you look & feel about yourself will improve your chances

Does that sound a bit harsh to you?

Maybe you think I should be a bit less blunt in the things I talk about? 

But… Tell me what I’ve said isn’t the truth… 

Seriously.. Am I lying though? 

When was the last time you saw a chick trying to pull the shirt off a chubby guy with moobs…

I’m not saying that to be harsh 

& hopefully you appreciate the honesty which unfortunately most people are shit scared to say

So I’ll leave you with that thought

& of course there’s an unsubscribe button below if you’re offended by the truth

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Marcus ” Duharty

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