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Get rid of ‘moobs’ & build a chest

“How do I get my chest bigger & lose the fat”

So Mark asked me this question & here’s my answer

I’ll split this into 2 different parts

It’s exactly how I get the guys in the 2 Online Training groups
I coach bigger & leaner chests

& rid them of the dreaded moooooobs forever

1. How to get your chest bigger

Train it…! Obvious yeah?

But are you training it enough & in the right way?

The volume or amount of times you train it is key

A lot of people will still follow a traditional ‘once a week
per body part’ split

If you want your chest to grow & grow quickly I 100%
recommend more volume

Train it twice a week minimum

You can train it more if you want but here’s my twice a week

Train it heavy for 1 exercise on your first session of the week

3-4 days later use a more traditional ‘chest session’

This link will take you to 6 articles & videos on my site all
directed at building a chest

LINK: Chest building articles & videos 

Make sure you stretch your chest & hit plenty of face pulls &
reverse cable fly variations though

The last thing you want is a tight chest & painful shoulder from
the extra work

2. How to drop fat on your chest 

Unfortunately it’s the same as all other areas my man

You CAN NOT strength train the fat away from your chest

You CAN NOT ‘tone’ your chest by doing high rep exercises

You can however see the fat shred off chest by doing a few simple

1. Analyse your nutrition

2. Adjust the calories down

3. Assess your progress after 2-4 weeks

4a. If progress is made stay where you are

4b. If there’s no progress made go back to point 2 & repeat 

This is very simple

It’s not very fancy

But it gets results

Not just for the guys I coach but for you as well

I guarantee you 100% that this process will get you a bigger & leaner

So go & do it

I’m not gonna pretend it’s easy though

& let’s be honest you kinda knew all that already didn’t you

Let me ask you this though

What’s stopping you actually getting it done?

Work that one out & you’re on to a winner my man

Marcus ‘No Moobs’ Duharty

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