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Free Shit Friday: Shoulders

The world has spoken

Boulders has won

Time to pack some slabs on those deltoids

I’ve got 10 exercises for you

& a golden lateral raise video to help you look wiiiiide

Sorry not sorry if you have to get bigger doors

But before I give you the link & video though

Lets get one thing clear

You my friend will never get to where you wanna be

Without taking action

& going to the gym & doing a few sessions is not action

Every body does this…

But nobody looks any good

Joining a gym is like sticking a plaster on gun shot wound

It basically does fuck all

How many of your friends are gym members?

How many of your family?

I’m gonna say quite a lot

But how many of them actually look good

More importantly how many actually FEEL good about themselves

I bet it’s not many

& the ones that say they do are probably lying to themselves

Thats the truth!

I know it’s not easy

I know you’re trying

I know you want it

But I’m not gonna pat you on the back & say well done for joining a gym

To be honest it’s probably gonna be a waste of money

Like I’m sure you’ve probably been a gym member for a while

& how far has that got you?

Like seriously think about it

Are you anywhere near where you want to be?

Have you got value for money from your gym?

How much time have you invested?

Dude… I hope I haven’t upset you

Actually I hope I have

& I hope it kicks you in to taking some real action

& that action should be to start taking the advise you get given & using it

Instead of asking for it then never using it like so many others do

& for less than £12.50 a week you can start working with me

If you’re ready to take action fill out the form below & lets chat


Now if you’re still here you’re rewarded with this video below

This variation will 10000% make your lateral raises more effective

& here’s the link to 10 muscle building shoulder variations

LINK >>> 10 Muscle Building Shoulder Exercises

I’ve actually ordered out the top 5

    1. The good Old Overhead Press

    2. Timed set Lateral Raises

    3. Single arm barbell press

    4. A Killer Lat Raise to Front Raise combo

    5. Alternate DB shoulder presses

& don’t forget to watch the video is below


  Lateral raise cables instructional

Marcus ‘Boulder Shoulders’ Duharty


I’m serious about what I said

£12.50 a week is the cheapest you’ll ever get to work with me 


But you’re gonna need to take some action to get it

Here’s the 3 question form you need to fill out again


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