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Free Shit Friday: Chest Variations

4 Killer variations to build you a chest

Let’s be honest

Sometimes your standard 3 x 10 & the occasional drop set

Aint really doing it for you

Maybe physically and maybe even mentally

Variations can work wonders for your motivation

& providing a stress to blast through plateus

Here’s the article >> Chest Building Exercise Variations

Ok… I NEEED to share this quote I heard yesterday

& no if you’re on my Facebook friends list it’s not the Conor McGregor one I shared

It’s actually from a random chick me & my mate made friends with the other day

“Create a life that feels good on the inside, 

Not that looks good on the outside”

Take a moment to read that for a second

Cos I think that shit is so fucking real

See it doesn’t matter what you or your life is like on the outside

If on the inside shit is literally falling apart

You know those people you look at & think

“Why cant I be like them they’ve always got their shit together”

You know the guys with Abs for days

A great job, career or business

& the model looking girlfriend

Well I can guarantee that some of them

Are more fucked up on the inside than you could imagine

That’s a reality of life my man

& that quote really does highlight that

& fits nicely with what I was working towards in an email earlier this week…

“Fuck the highlight reel”

All that matters is how you feel about your self

If having shredded abs helps you feel confident then great

If you couldn’t care less about shreds

& more about just stopping the lads taking the piss out your skinny arms

Or your fastly developing ‘dad bod’ or ‘moooobs’

Then that works perfectly as well

Whatever it is that makes you feel fucking amazing about yourself

Find it then do it & do it a plenty

Unless of course it’s a short term thing like 8 cans of beer & Ben & Jerrys every night

Fuck that

But if it’s Training & Nutrition related

& you need some support or a kick start to get your ass in gear

You can contact me here >>> Marcus Duharty Online Personal Training 

Let’s see if we can create a life that looks good on the outside

& is even fucking better on the inside

Marcus ‘Fuck The Highlight Reel’ Duharty


The Conor McGregor quote is something I swear by

Live by

& think is bang on the fucking money

Look out for how you can use it get your mindset better tomorrow



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