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Forget a diet…

Firstly I think the word sucks…!

Secondly like you I don’t really like being told what to do i.e. Can/Can’t eat etc etc

But mainly as when people think of a diet they automatically have an end point. An end where they very very likely go back to what they were doing before.

What they were doing that got them out of damn shape in the first place..!

Sounds retarded right but we both know that’s exactly what happens and lets be honest we’ve both probably done something similar in the past.

Well a really effective way around it is shown in the image below.

Flexible, Unrestrictive, Enjoyable & Sustainable… Sounds perfect to me!

The image is from the Nutrition Foundations Guide I provide the Online PT guys I support with nutrition as well as training. It’s a straight to the point, 12 page guide that will set them up with a solid foundation for me to add specific details and habits to.

Important steps, food groups, shopping examples, potential meal examples, portion control strategies.. It’s all in there. Then when we have the nutrition consultation after on Skype I love their reactions when I ask this question:

What foods do you LOVE…. Like the ones you have to eat or have as a treat in the week!?

It’s funny as they don’t know how to answer! & when they do they seem surprised when I say..

Well I want you to eat something like that at least once during the week…

Even though they’ve seen the pie chart in the document they still seem surprised. they expect me to like like “No, No, No, Can’t eat, Can’t eat etc etc..”.

But once they understand and realise the 10-20% of the pie chart gives them flexibility but won’t kill their gainz they’re firstly much more comfortable with it & also more likely to succeed. Happy days everyones a winner…!

Does your nutrition look similar to the pie chart? Or is it restrictive and unsustainable? Notice how I didn’t say diet here… You know why though yeah?

As there’s no end point! Once your nutrition is pretty close to the pie chart you can make gainz pretty much forever & a day. & even better is that you’ll only have to make minor adjustments to things to bump things up when you wanna get lean for a holiday or the summer etc.

This works so as normal… stop reading & put it into practice!

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